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Caracteristicas principales

El proyecto pLog esta encantado de crear y ofrecer al mundo una completa solución para gestión y mantenimiento de bitácoras.

  • Fácil Instalación

Instalación basada en web, nunca fue tan sencillo. Let the installation script take care of configuring pLog for you. Simply type in a few preferences (and one default user), and you'll be able to access all features of pLog as soon as the installation script finishes. No more config file editing!

  • Interface de Administración

pLog is fully controlled via its administration interface: every single setting of pLog is tweakable by browser. Don't bother about securing pLog's config files, everything's stored within the database.

  • Seguridad Avanzada

IP address blocking and simple regular expression-based content filters. Block an ip or a range of ips in a few simple clicks. A fully-integrated Bayesian filter knocks out spammers and the like. Design your own filters as plugins and ensure your site's safety and integrity.

  • Velocidad

pLog was built with speed in mind, as it is meant to support many simultaneous users browsing dynamic pages. It has been optimized for performance several times during its development cycles and it is one of the fastest out there.

  • Sistema de Almacenamiento de Base de datos

Forget about clumsy rebuilds of your site every time you post a new article! Simply type out your thoughts, click "Blog this!" and in no time you will have your newly typed article included in the main page of your site. Talk about publishing for the masses!

  • Cacheo de Páginas y soporte para solicitudes de HTTP condicionales

If you're running a busy site and you're looking for a way to speed things and to save some bandwidth, this will probably be very helpful!


It is important in any project to allow customization by the end-user. pLog makes this achievable by offering templates, plugins, and more.

  • Portabilidad

pLog runs on any common web server and operating system platform which supports PHP 4.x and MySQL.

  • Plugin Framework

pLog offers an extremely plugin framework so that its features can be extended in many different ways without compromising the stability of the core. Plugins can appear in the administration interface, register new actions, be localied, and much more!

  • Sencillo sistema de modificación de plantillas

If you don't like any of the templates included in the package, worry not. pLog is built on top of the fantastic Smarty template engine, providing unprecedented power to template developers without compromising security, since Smarty templates do not allow by default to add potentially dangerous PHP code to our templates. This is specially important if we use pLog to provide a blogging service to a community of people.

Caracteristicas para enriquezer la comunidad

  • Instalación de Múltiples Bitácoras

There is no need to install multiple copies of the same software to have different blogs! pLog was built from the ground up to be able to support different blogs with just one single installation and one single database.

  • Múltiples Usuarios por Bitácora

Not only can we have multiple journals running on one install, but we can easily give other users permissions to access our blog and let them post articles whenever they wish, making collaborative web sites even easier!

  • Niveles de Usuario

pLog supports a simple yet powerful user levels system: either you own a blog, or you are just allowed to post articles in it. Being an owner, you control the settings and add and remove more users and templates if needed. Or perhaps you're a site administrator and can control the global settings?

  • Completo sistema de comentarios

It's always nice to hear what people have to say about our musings, rants or bashings. In those cases when other people's opinions are wrong, simply delete (and blacklist) commenters or disable commenting altogether (definable on a per-article basis). If needed, enable email notification for when people post new comments to your articles.

Información relacionada y Estadisticas

  • Link Tracker

Let your users see with a click of a link all the places you've been linking to lately!

  • Estadisticas de Tráfico

Want to know where people are coming from when they reach your blog? Want to know where they go? pLog includes a very basic referrer module that will show you all that information. Want more detailed statistics? Install the statistics plugin for full featured website statistics.

  • Automatic Trackbacks

Let people know when you post about them! If the destination blog is trackback-enabled, pLog will auto-discover everything for you (including the trackback URL) and send a trackback ping. It has never been so simple!


  • Sindicación de Contenidos

pLog is capable of generating out of the box 3 different flavours of RSS: 0.90, 1.0 and 2.0. There is also a Klipfolio feed and a custom-defined XML feed. Don't like any of them? Don't worry, they all use templates that are easily modifiable to suit our needs. Additionally, pLog comes bundled with an RSS aggregator so that you can easily include external sources of news in your website.

  • Search engine friendly URLs

Toggle a setting in the configuration of the site and pLog will automatically use cruft-free URLs instead of the old style, raw ones. Friendlier URLs are easier to remember, shorter to type and web-crawling engines will be able to index all your posts.

  • Note: These kind of URLs are only available when using Apache 1.3.x.
  • Web Standards Compliance

The default templates included in pLog are XHTML 1.0 Strict and utilize valid CSS 2.0 stylesheets. The same may be said of any content generated by the pLog backend.

  • Blogger and metaWeblog-compatible XMLRPC API

If you like to publish right from your desktop, pLog comes with an implementation of the Blogger and metaWeblog XMLRPC APIs. Now you can easily post text and pictures (media objects are supported when using the metaWeblog API!) to your blog. Clients like w.Bloggar, ecto or even Flickr have no problem in talking to pLog.

  • XMLRPC-Ping

Notification to configurable sites that support the protocol, such as, or Technorati. How about letting the whole world know whenever you post something? You can do that by sending automatic XMLRPC pings to sites that support them. Easy. Simple. Fast.