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LifeType 1.1 Features

From LifeType Wiki

Disk-based data cache

The new disk-based data cache sits at the DAO layer, meaning that it caches real objects instead of raw result sets from the database. Thanks to the data cache, the DAO layer can load things that don't change often faster, because they will already be avaiable in disk instead of needing an extra database query and a mapping to object.

Reduction of memory usage

Where LifeType 1.0 needed around 10 to 12 Mb of memory to run, even without plugins, LifeType 1.1 needs between 4 and 6 Mb including plugins. Some big libraries have been replaced with much smaller counterparts (e.g. ADOdb and [PDb]) and many API methods have been removed to make the core code smaller and more compact. Functionality and features have not been impacted and LifeType's memory requirements are now tighter than ever.

Paging of posts, albums and searches

LifeType can now optionally use paging for posts, gallery albums and search results. Templates distributed by the LifeType team or with the LifeType 1.1 package have already been adapted to use this feature, while customized templates can be easily adapted.

Everything is searchable

Articles, categories, links, resources, blogs and users are now searchable from within the administration interface.

Mass edition of items

Posts, comments, trackbacks, blogs and users can now be easily mass-edited, so now it is easier than ever to mark a bunch of comments as spam or delete a handful or posts at the same time.

Admin mode

Administrators can now log into any blog and perform administrative tasks as if they were the owners. They can edit posts, change the blog settings, add new users, delete comments and so on. Basically, this feature provides unlimited access to administrators.

API Improvements

  • The API has been cleaned up and unnecessary methods have been removed.
  • There is a new event that allows plugins to dynamically process the output of a rendered template before it is sent to the browser.
  • Unit testing has been incorporated into the core, increasing the quality and reliability of the core classes.
  • Upgraded version of all the main components (Smarty, PHPMailer, getid3, etc)


The LifeType project dropped the HTMLArea visual editor for HTML markup and replaced it with TinyMCE, a much smaller and maintainable alternative than its predecessor. All the features from HTMLArea are available, as well as better support for right-to-left languages and integration with the resource centre feature.

Blog categories and global article categories

Blogs and articles can now also be categorized, optinally, on a site-wide basis so that users of sites can easily find blogs or articles sharing a common topic.

The summary has been modified to accomodate these new features.

Better handling of comments and trackbacks

It is now possible to easily browse comments and trackbacks from within the admin interface, instead of doing it only on a per-post basis as in LifeType 1.0. Additionally, the bayesian filter applies now to trackbacks as well.

Wizard/Installer checks

The installer (wizard.php) will now perform several sanity checks in the target system prior to starting the installation. This will hopefully reduce the number of support queries due to attempted installations in systems with missing features.

Improved summary

The summary page of the LifeType has been improved to support full listing of blogs and users, as well as improved search features that allow to search articles, blogs and media files.

Also, LifeType 1.1 can be configured to detect the language requested by the browser and display pages generated by summary.php in that language, insteaed of forcing a single language for all visitors.

Dashboard improvements

The dashboard can now be skipped altogether for those communities wisihing to configure LifeType to do. If a user has more than one blog, the user will be logged into the first one and.

It is now possible for users to create new blogs easily from the dashboard as long as the site administrator allows to do so. Site administrators can now even restrict the maximum number of blogs that a single user can have.

Final image size

The resource centre can now be configured to resize all images up to a maximum size, and the original version will be thrown away.

Possibility to resend the confirmation mail

If the confirmation mail sent to confirm the registration of each blog is lost, now LifeType allows site administrators to resend this confirmation.

Customizable emails

Emails sent by LifeType (registration messages, comment notification messages) are not hardcoded anymore and their contents and subject can be completely customized by modifying the locale files.

Ad-hoc upload of resources

New resources/files can now be easily uploaded via the "new post" or "edit post" pages.