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Lifetype 2.0 TODO

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Lifetype 2.0 TODO List

This list should be updated as often as we can.


  • Create a PDO driver for MySQL.
  • Implement support for prepared statements via PDO.
  • Implement the Iterator interface for the MySQLResultSet class.
  • Integrate the 'templateeditor' plugin in the core.

User interface/Javascript

  • Ajaxify all the "Administration" area.
  • Reorganize the "Blog settings" page.
  • Check whether the "save draft" functionality is still needed, now that saving is articles is entirely handled via Ajax.
  • Investigate possible systems to display notifications to users, as notifications at the top of the screen are not noticed when working at the bottom of the screen. Perhaps we could duplicate the same notification at the top or at the bottom? Or perhaps a nice semi-transparent notification message in the middle of the screen, like OS X?
  • Limit the amount of text shown of each comment in the "Comments" page, so that user don't need scroll too much to find a specific comment. We could actually hide most (if not all) of the comment text and use some javascript to display the rest (which would be hidden) when the users clicks a specific button or link near the comment text.
  • Add a drop-down list to allow users to select how many items per page they'd like to see, rather than defaulting it to 15 or so.


Known issues

  • Currently it is not possible to add locations to a chooser when there's two of them in the same page! (media->upload file)
  • Feedback is not visible at the top of the screen when we are operating at the bottom. We probably need some sort of notification system that displays the same message at the bottom if the top of the screen is outside the viewport.
  • The 'Save draft' functionality needs to be either reimplemented or removed altogether, as the current "Save" functionality is already saving the data in the background.