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Plugin authimage

From LifeType Wiki

Name: Authentication Image

Download link:

License: GPL

Author: Mark Wu


This plugin offers extra comment authentication for pLog by using a 'captcha'. The idea is inspired by WordPress AuthImage Plugin written by Gudlyf.


The plugin configuration page can be found under Control Center->Anti Spam Management.

In order to use, simply include the following:

  1. $authimage->isEnabled() to check the plugin is enabled or not.
  2. $authimage->show() to get the authentication image

There is no need to do anything else, the authentication process will automatically handled by LifeType internally.

If you're running LifeType 1.2, there is no need to perform any additional steps as long as your blog is using the site-wide commentform.template file located under templates/default/.

If you're running an older version of LifeType or you are not using the global commentform.template file, add the following to commentform.template:

Add the following code to commentform.template:
{if $authimage->isEnabled()}
<div><label for="authImage">AuthImage</label><input type="text" name="authImage" id="authImage" value="" /> {$authimage->show()}</div>


You can add your own default background image to /plugin/authimage/backgrounds. This plugin only supports GIF format currently.