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Plugin technoratitagcloud

From LifeType Wiki

Name: Technorati Tag Cloud

Download link:

License: GPL

Author: Omar Romero


This plugin will download your technorati tags (using your developer key) and display them in a tag cloud, assigning the font-size and font-weight properties depending on the occurrences of those tags in you technorati account.

The units for font-size are in '.em' and the valid values for font-weight is any number between 100 and 900.


The setup is pretty straight-forward, just enter your API key, how many tags you want to be downloaded from technorati and the font-size and font-weight properties. The plugin creates a file on lifetype's temp folder and stores/read the cloud from there. The tag cloud is regenerated everytime there is a post-add, post-edit and post-delete event, as well as everytime there are changes to the plugin settings.

You will need to edit your template and add the following code where you want your cloud to appear:

{if $technoratitagcloud->isEnabled()}

You may want to enclose it within <div></div> tags and format it to match your blog.


This plugin uses the Duck Soup Technorati Api Library v1.2 written by Kailash Nadh. You can upgrade this library by replacing the contents of /technoratitagcloud/class/ducksoup.

You will need to have a technorati account and a technirati API KEY. You can get yours here

To Do

  • Recreate the Tag Cloud every time the contents of the /temp folder are deleted.
  • Add caching for the updating of the cloud