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Plugin templateeditor

From LifeType Wiki

Name: Template Editor

Download link:

License: GPL

Author: Mark Wu


The plugins offers complete template editor capabilities for LifeType. It includes the following features.

  1. Template Sets Browser (Delete/Copy)
  2. Template Files Browser (Delete/Edit/Copy)
  3. Template Files Editor with a Online Smarty Editor (under development)
  4. Backup of template files.


The plugin configuration page can be found under Adminstration->Site Templates. Although the plugin options are visible right away, all users (even administrators) need to grant themselves the necessary permissions to access the plugin.

In order to grant the permissions necessary (either to yourself as an administrator user or to other users), you need to proceed to "Administration"->"Users", find the user to whom you'd like to grant these permissions and then make sure that the permissions labeled as User can edit global templates (templateeditor plugin)

Additionally, blog owners can also grant permission to edit templates to other users by granting the permission User can edit blog templates (templateeditor plugin) via Control Centre->Blog Users.

Site owner can enable or diable Blog Owner's Template Editor for security reasons.


This plugin provides basic restrictions regarding what files can be edited, based on the extension of the file. Currently it is only possible to set these restrictions by editing one line of code, but future versions of the plugin will provide an interface to modify this.

In order to filter out certain extensions, edit the file plugins/templateeditor/plugintemplateeditor.class.php and find the following line:

define( "EDITABLE_EXTENSION", "css,inc,template,txt" );

I you don't want to allow users to modify anything but CSS files, modify the line so that it looks like:

define( "EDITABLE_EXTENSION", "css" );