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This page is an up-to-date list of all the plugins available for LifeType. Read "Adding Plugins" to get help on installing plugins. All plugins tested by the LifeType team for the current release are available for download through



Copy Article

This plugin adds extra functionality to the "Edit Posts" page, so that it is possible to copy an existing article into a new one.

Mail Centre

Allows administrator to easily contact users or groups of users via email, from an easy to use interface.

Anti Spam


Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web serivce to see if they look like spam or not. This is a port of the WordPress Akismet Plugin.

Authentication Image

This plugin offers extra comment authentication for LifeTYpe. The idea is inspired by WordPress AuthImage Plugin written by Gudlyf.

Hidden Input

Adds hidden fields to the 'submit comment' form to confuse spamming robots.

Host Block

This plugin offers you to block specific client IP when comment submitted.


This plugin offers you to block client IP, that are listed on Project Honeypot's http black list for comment spam, when comment submitted.


This plugin offers 'rel=nofollow' to prevent the comment spam.


This plugin uses the reCAPTCHA anti-spam service. Supplying an accessible CAPTCHA.

Validate Trackback

This plugin offers validation of trackbacks to prevent spam trackbacks.


CSS Naked

This plugin helps you easily getting naked on the CSS Naked Day

Gallery Images

Allows to fetch the latest images or random images added to our resources and display them anywhere in our blog.


This plugin adds icons to indicate file-types on hyperlinks.


This plugin generates nice print views of our posts using a very simple template.


This plugin allows reflections to be added to images.

Random Image

This plugin retrieves an image randomly from a specific album.


A Year Ago

Easily fetch and display articles posted a year ago in your blog.

Category Browser

This plugin allows to you to generate latest/next/previous/first links for your posts.

Category Cloud

Display a category cloud in your blog.


This plugin offers karma rating for posts.


This plugin allows to you get dynamically coloured source code in your posts.


This plugin offers you to show the smileys in comments and articles.


This plugin allows external users to submit articles to your site.

Related Posts

This plugin allows you to generate a list of related posts for each of your posts.


This plugin allows the post owner to remove deleted posts permanently.


Clickable Comments

Converts URLs in comments left by visitors into clickable links

Close Comments

This plugin will automatically disable commenting in posts, after a configurable period of time has passed.


Integrate cocomment into LifeType commentform template.

Comment Notification

This plugin will send a messge to your MSN/Yahoo account when visitor place comment in your blog article.


This plugin will send an email to the blog owner when a visitor fills out a contact form.

Edit Comments

This plugin allows the blog owner to edit comments via the administration interface to fix typos, etc.

Content Filter

This plugin offers you to filter then specific contents when comment submitted.


This plugin offers you moderate down of comments. Then, you can have chance to check this comment is spam or not.

Nested Comments

This plugin allows to display the comments received for a post in a nested fashion.

Remember Commenter Data

This plugin will remember the data of the user who made a comment.

Require Email

This plugin makes email addresses required for adding comments.


Feed Reader

This plugin offers ATOM/RSS feed reader integrated to LifeType admin interface.

Gallery Feeds

This plugin can generate any kind of feed based on the contents of our albums. It is for example possible to generate RSS 2.0 feeds of our MP3 files for podcasting, cool SMIL playlists or whatever you can think of.



This plugin creates a button to enable easy bookmarking and sharing.

Bloglook integration

This plugin integrates LifeType with the bloglook service (only for Taiwan and Chinese speaking users)

Gallery2 Integration

This plugin will integrate your pictures from your Gallery2 installation into LifeType.

Google AdSense

This plugin allows users to have Google's AdSense javascript code automatically inserted.

Google Analytics

This plugin allows users to have Google's Analytics javascript code automatically inserted.


This plugin returns the URL of an (gr)avatar for every comment. The image is loaded from


Allows LifeType username and password to be used for OpenID authentication.

Plugoo Live Chat

Allows the blog owner to have a live chat messenger in there blog.

Connects directly to there favorite messenger client.


This plugin creates links to social bookmarking sites. This is a port of the WordPress plugin of the same name

Technorati Tags

Implements technorati tagging with a custom field.

Technorati Tag Cloud

Integrates your own Technorati tag cloud in your blog.


Post entries to Twitter when new articles are added.


Blog Times

This plugin offers you to get the blog times image. The idea is inspired by Matt.

Clean Up Blog

This plugin gives the ability to mass delete outdated blogs based upon a variety of factors.


This plugin allows cookies to be retrieved inside template/smarty code.

Crystal Poll

This plugin offers you to create your own poll in your blog.

Embed Media


Get Category

This plugin will retrieve any number of articles given a category name, perhaps useful for sticky posts, etc.

Tag Cloud

This plugin generate Tag Cloud of latest articles.

Tidy up content

This plugin uses the Tidy library to automatically fix the HTML content generated by our blogs.


This plugin creates a Google sitemap file when posts are added/modified.

Recommended Posts

This plugin offers a list of articles that are particularly recommended by the blog owner.

SAPE Client


MovebleType Export

Exports a LifeType blog to a MovableType Import Format file. This can be

useful when transitioning to WordPress blog software .



Allows LifeType users to post via email and MMS, including pictures and videos.

Mobile LifeType

Mobile and PDA-friendly view of a LifeType powered blog.

Recent Activities

Recent Comments

This plugin offers the most recently article comments of current blog.

Recent Trackbacks

This plugin offers the most recently article trackbacks of current blog.

Remote Access


This plugin allows Atom 0.3 clients to add, remove and update posts and images in any LifeType blog. Only REST is supported, there is no support for Atom over SOAP implemented yet.

Ecto Tags

Converts Technorati tags inserted by ecto into a format that can be handled by the Technorati plugin.

Really Simple Discovery

Allows xml rpc clients discover the xmlrpc url and the APIs that LifeType supports.


Hotlink Prevention


Secret Blog

This plugin allows blog owners to password-protect a whole blog, instead of protecting only one specific post as the Unported Secret Post plugin.


Template Editor

The plugins offers complete template editor capabilities for LifeType.

Top Activities

Top Read Posts

This plugin offers the rank list of articles by number of reads.


These plugins have not been updated to work with LifeType 1.2 even though they are available in the Subversion tree under the unported/ folder.

LifeType Polls

pLogPoll was designed to allow a BlogOwner to publish a poll to his main page and recieve user feedback.

Sticky Posts

Makes some posts stick to the top of the blog.

Link Counter

This plugin implements the Technorati Link Counter Widget.


This plugin offers you to integrate JUpload into resource center.


This plugin offer the Chart from Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD, You can change the height and width.


AdRotate is a simple plugin that will display a random ad within its database whenever generateAdLink is called. It currently only supports banner ads and does not allow specification of the properties of the banner ads.

Article Referers

This plugin offers you to get the referers of a specific article by time or by number of reads.

Admin Notifier

Sends email notifications to administrations every time certain events occur.

Advanced Search






Best Posts


Template Filter

Advanced dynamic modification of templates even before they are rendered by Smarty.

Blog Statistics


Top Trackback Posts

This plugin offers the rank list of articles by number of trackbacks.



Email Encryption


Top Comment Posts

This plugin offers the rank list of articles by number of comments.

DNS Anti Spam

This plugin will check if a comment poster is on an open proxy list, and check if the content contains known spammer domains. This idea is inspired by Yet another anti-spam measure.

This plugin offers you to integrate with social bookmark service.


This plugin offers you to integrate with Flickr online photo/gallery service. It is inspired by Wordpress Flickr Gallery Plugin written by Ray.



Guest Book


Top Comment Visitors

This plugin offers the rank list of visitors by number of comments.





Text Parser

This plugin offers users to use wiki/textile/phpbb/markdown markup in their posts.



LifeType Birthdays


Digest View

Allows a template designer to access quick post summaries of categories and specific users whenever he/she wants.




This plugin allows users to enter haikus via the admin interface and show them to readers in the public side of the blog.

LifeType Static Rotator




Secret Post

This plugin offers the password protection to specific article, unless user provide the right password or they can not see the article.

Rights Chooser

This plugin allows to you choose from a set of license for your posts.

Who Online



Add an area on your sidebar where users can add little comments which are visible on the entire blog.

CurrentlyAddictedTo - Typed lists

This plugin allows you to edit a list of your recent and favorite activities: music you listen to, books you read...



Link Tracker

Shows all links from all posts in this blog.

Dummy Template

some short description