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This is the Roadmap for future LifeType core releases and does not include a roadmap for plugins.


LifeType 2.0

Planned release date: late 2007, early 2008

User interface

  • Integrated friends list and internal private messaging between blog users.
  • Integration of Lifetype with Google Maps, so that posts, blogs and files can be geotagged with location information and displayed somewhere in the public side of the blog.
  • Ajaxification of the user interface to make it faster and more dynamic. This requires both UI and core changes.

Core changes

These two changes alone justify the version number bump from 1.x to 2.x, as they are pretty major and affect pretty much everything inside Lifetype:

  • Move to PHP 5.1: Old code will not be rewritten (unless necessary) to use any of the OOP features of PHP 5 but new code will be allowed to use them.
  • UTF-8: Lifetype 2.0 will be fully support UTF-8 as its default and only encoding.

LifeType 2.1

Planned release date: 2008

  • Support for global tagging, i.e. implement a framework where everything and anything can be tagged: posts, users, blogs, files, comments, etc.

Feature requests not assigned to any release

The following features are good to have but have not been allocated to any release yet. Therefore, they may or may not be implemented at some point.

  • Integrate remote resource services so that for example our Flickr albums and pictures appear in the resource centre as if they were local albums and pictures, videos that get uploaded to YouTube automatically, etc. This may also be implemented as a plugin.
  • Improved mobile access: LifeType should be able to delivery content to different clients seamlessly, and support for WML and lightweight XHTML for more modern phones is planned. This could be implemented as part of the 'mobile' plugin, or make this plugin part of the core.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) features, or even inter-site login features in the same way that Drupal and Typekey/MT/Typepad do.
  • One global place to share resources of all bloggers, or a checkbox to allow resources to be public so that not only can we link to the resources available in our 'resource centre' but also all other resources that have been marked as public or shareable. An alternative implementation would keep these resources in a separate pool.
  • New users should be able to create a new user first and then optionally, create a blog. When a user logs into admin and has no blog, he/she should be given the chance to create a new blog.